The concept of a “minimum viable product” is commonly used in the startup world to identify the subset of features needed to deploy a usable product and test it in the market. Yet 65% of features in software are rarely or never used. So how can product management help curb this overrun of unneeded feature development?

Product managers are in the unique position of being able to drastically cut scope to deliver more usable products faster and for less cost.

The key to systematically being able to cut product scope, while still delivering a great product, is to link the value the user needs to receive to the actual features in the product. To understand that value, consider what problems the product is solving and what objectives the user has for the product. This will derive the most valuable features.

Product Management Support

From product vision statements and roadmaps to requirements management and UAT, through market analysis and project or portfolio management, our product managers provide hands-on consulting support services for your most critical projects. Some of the activities our employees perform include:

  • Outcome ownership
  • Market analysis
  • Portfolio management
  • Business case
  • Product roadmaps
  • Usability
  • Competitor analysis

Project Management as a Service


• Avoid the costs and delays of staffing new initiatives
• Get up to speed rapidly with an established, expert staff of project, program and portfolio managers
• Add agility to organizational responses to new opportunities or unexpected challenges
• Scalability – organizations can scale up or down depending on demand for resources

What's Involved

• Assessment of the organization’s needs and maturity/readiness
• Structured plan and budget congruent with the organization’s culture
• Integration with existing systems and resources
• Rapid onboarding of experienced personnel and resources
• Professional oversight / management for optimum project and program results


Are you a startup with little or no budget for an experienced project/product manager, or a growing company with limited resources to manage projects?


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