Order Management System

In ecommerce, the merchant and the customer share a common goal: to get the product from customer order entry to customer porch as quickly and accurately as possible. To achieve this, businesses must have an efficient and flexible order management system that can keep up with what your business needs to meet modern buyer expectations and competition.

Track Orders

Digitalkoios order management system will allow you to manage all aspects of your orders, even if it’s omnichannel — for instance, if you’re selling through a marketplace like Amazon or eBay, offline stores or your own webstore.

Fulfill Orders

Speed is the name of the game. Having inventory in close proximity to your customers is the best way to ensure fast and consistent delivery. Your order management system can help you send through orders to be packed and shipped with correct shipping labels.

Analytics and Reports

Order fulfillment reports and dashboards at your finger tips would give you an edge over your competitors. This would ensure that there is little or no customer dissatisfaction.



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