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"Business Insider stated that 74% of shoppers say they visit two to three nonretail websites before completing a purchase, and 16% say they visit more than four websites" according to Rakuten Marketing and Forrester Research.

Performance-based Digital Marketing

With years of experience in digital marketing services including SEO, SEM, and SMM we confidently offer all our clients KPI (key performance indicator) based approach. We partner with you to successfully plan, strategize, and execute campaigns to realize set KPIs and connect a portion of our payouts based on KPI achievement. We are truly your partner in metric and sales growth.

We go through the below phases with all our clients.

Analysis and Strategy Creation

During this phase, we understand the current state of your digital presence, analyze any competitors, quantify and qualify your online digital assets and that of the competitors. We are always seeking ways to improve your current online approaches and campaigns. From this vantage point we develop an enhanced strategy for Digital Marketing, evaluating exactly what new KPI’s are to be expected from our new ‘partnering initiatives.’


The analysis and new strategy we present, will detail both a short and medium-term plan, with identified KPIs embedded in our plan, validated with the effective budgets and outcomes.


Execution of campaigns on different marketing channels require multi-varied skillsets. Our integrated management expertise at Digitalkoios will engage in all the aspects of plan-execution with seamless management by our plan designers.

Search Marketing (SEM) – includes keyword identification, optimization, ad content creation, labelling and tagging, plus the creation of identifiable extensions with appropriate codes.

Social Media Marketing – includes creation of content, imagery, translation if required, video editing, creation of ads, scheduling and execution.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – includes creation of the sitemap, submission, onsite and offsite activities, content writing and content optimization.

Analytics and Monitoring

Every activity that we do, would be monitored and analyzed on a daily basis and optimized as required. Periodic reports would be available to the clients showing the status of various KPIs along with suggestions if any on further optimization.

Demonstrated improvements in SEO, increasing organic conversion rates and bringing down the spends.

Result oriented SEM, showed increase in conversions, impressions and convertion rates.

Demonstrated increase in conversions and visitors from Social media campaigns.



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